Please note: the image on the left (sketch of our blog), is a working progress and is subject to change.

The LAYOUT of our blog will include various elements to convey our theme of our passion for food by creating a warm homely feeling.

The effectiveness of our theme will be conveyed through various elements including;

The use of neutral, earthy COLOURS to try to convey the idea that you are in a family home/kitchen.

The BACKGROUND will be a picture of a chopping board to be consistent with our theme.

The LOGO, although is still a working progress will incorporate our title with an combination of several cooking associated elements including either kitchenware, cutlery and various other factors,

Our TAGS will include
  • Recipes
  • restaurant reviews
  • food and cooking tips
  • keywords classifying recipes into different categories e.g. desserts, appetisers etc

Please keep on following our blog as we undergo site maintenance, where you are sure to be excited by the final design product. 

With love, 
       The Four Little Foodlings.

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