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Being a novice foodling my adventures in the kitchen have been somewhat mixed.

Somedays good and somedays not so good...

My first disaster occured last month soon after my mother came out of hospital after an operation.
Being the good daughter that I am I decided to cook her a meal using my newly acquired cook book "Women's Weekly Classics" purchased for $9.95 at the newsagency.

(Great starter by the way for new cooks, it has every basic recipe and an easy to follow method, I reccommend for all new cooks out there to purchase this and once you have mastered these classics you can experiment!)

I thought I would make something light and tasty for my mother's breakfast while she was convalescing.

So I turned to the first page and 'Creamy Scrambled Eggs' was on the menu. I was going so well with the recipe:
8 Eggs
1/2 Cup of cream
30 g butter
2 tablespoons of finely chopped fresh 'chives'

Until the recipe called for 'chives'. Not exactly having the correct idea of what chives were at the time or being able to find any in the cupboard - I found the next best thing starting with "C".... cinnamon. So instead of 2 tablespoons of choppped chives I added two tablespoons of cinnamon.

Now as you can imagine cinnamon didn't really cut it as a substitute, one being a herb and one being a spice.


The final result was a brown rubbery looking mass on the plate, nothing like the picture of the yellow fluffy like clouds with specs of green. I served it to mum and she was convinced I was trying to poison her - I even tried to give it to my Jack Russell 'Bella", who usually eats anything and everything - and she even refused it.

FOOD TIP 1: When cooking the most important thing to do is to know all your ingredients, no matter how simple the recipe is. (I know this is obvious for you advanced foodlings, but you'd be suprised by the lack of knowledge of the younger generations on food, things are hardly passed down like they use to be.)

FOOD TIP 2: Never replace cinnamon for chives..... :)

I hope your enjoyed this story as much as my family likes to tell it!

Hope these tips help!
Foodling 4

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