Best Chicken and Pork Vietnamese Rolls!


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Hong Ha Hot Bread is a local favourite in the Eastern Suburbs. It’s located in Mascot right near Sydney Airport. It is famous for their Chicken and Pork Vietnamese rolls, also known as Bὰhn mi.
 You may know the franchise Red Roll which also sells Vietnamese rolls which are good but the Hong Ha Bakery rolls are to die for!
Around lunch time you often see a 30metre line up snaking along the footpath in front of Mascot shops of people waiting to order their rolls. People come from great distances to get their hands on one of these rolls, one of my friends lives in Bondi Beach a nearly 40 minute drive to Mascot and without fail she makes her weekly trip to Mascot to feed her craving for a Hong Ha chicken roll!
My usual order is a chicken and cheese roll. This comes with a crispy fresh long white bread roll, mayonnaise, seasoned chicken, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, cheese, coriander, chilli and Maggi sauce. You are probably thinking it sounds like your standard chicken roll, but you need to try one and you will understand how much better they really are! They are made fresh so you can alter your order if necessary.

chicken, cheese and chilli roll

My Mum and Dad’s favourite is the Pork Roll which includes. 3 types Vietnamese pork roll meat, pork pate, pickled carrots and white radish, cucumbers, coriander, spring onions, Maggi Seasoning and chopped chilli all placed on the freshest and crispest bread roll.

Pork Roll

Half eaten Pork Roll

I also can’t forget to mention the cheap cheap cheap prices of these rolls. They range from about $3.50-$6.00 (the same size as a subway foot long sub and half the price! And they taste better too!)

I often wonder while I’m lining up ‘that they can do so much more with their shop front looks tired and jaded around the edges but I suppose they are too busy to notice and it obviously doesn’t stop people from going.
This was the shop at 4:30pm! People even get rolls for afternoon tea

Next time you are out at the airport or in the eastern suburbs, quickly stop at the Hong Ha bakery at Mascot you will not regret it!

Enjoy your Rolls!!
Foodling 4 :)

Hong Ha Hot Bread
1151 Botany Rd
Mascot 2020
Sydney Australia
Ph: (02) 9667 2069   
Parking: There is parking in front on the shop on Botany Road, as well as a car-park at the back .

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