Chirashi - zushi - "scattered sushi"


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Sushi has been a favourite of mine since I have been very young.  I have eaten in many Japanese restaurants and sushi bars in Australia and overseas. I am a real sushi lover sometimes having it up to four times a week!

Even though I often order nori-maki (seaweed rolls) and nigiri sushi (commonly known as 'ships') when eating out at a Japenese restaurant, one of my favourite dishes is 'Chirashi-zushi' translated to 'scattered sushi'.
My Home-Made Chirashi Sushi

Even though the name implies a 'sense of randomness' these dishes can be considered as works of art.
Each restaurant produces their own art piece and I will always order a Chirashi-zushi if it is on the menu  and compare these edible masterpieces.
I am no sushi master but I did try to create my own Chirashi-zushi 'masterpiece' at home the other night for the family.

Buying the ingredients
  • Purchase a variety of sashimi grade fish and seafood at your local fish markets. I purchased salmon, tuna and kingfish sashimi, seaweed and and a jar of salmon roe at the Sydney Fish Markets in Glebe. (If you havent been to Sydney Fish Markets it really is worth the visit!) 
Preparing the Rice
  • Cook sushi rice as per instructions on the packet. Once cooked, place in a non-metalic bowl and sprinkle over Japanese powdered vinegar onto the rice, fanning and turning until rice reaches room temperature. Cover until ready for use

Preparing Seafood
  • Using a very sharp knife, cut fish into even sized strips and place on a board ready for assembly.

Preparing Omelet

  • Mix three eggs with some salt, sugar and mirin. Beat eggs well. Cook omelet in a non-stick pan. Fold the egg as it sets. Once cool slice into thin strips.(The Japanese use a special rectangular pan for this).

One more ingredient

  • Heat a sheet of Nori over a gentle flame, this will make the nori nice and crisp! Cut into thin strips. At this stage all your ingredients for your Chirashi-zushi should be ready for assembling.

Creating my 'masterpiece'
  • The trick to Chirashi-zushi is to have a balance between fish and rice. There should be a good combination of flavours, textures and colour. I placed the vinegared rice in the bottom of each bowl and topped it with a combination of the fish, seaweed, egg and finally topping with the luscious looking salmon roe and crispy nori.

Serve with Japanese soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi.
 And we can't forget Sencha 'Japanese green tea'.

Hope you enjoy
Foodling 4!

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