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So on a cold, wet and rainy Saturday night; I was in the mood for an Italian feast so with our kitchen still in renovations I decided to drag my family out to a local favourite restaurant- Olivos an Italian woodfired pizza and pasta place located in Castle Hill. The service was great with the friendly waiter seating us immediately in a corner booth. The seating is spread our quite well and so everyone had their own space even though the restaurant was quite packed.

For entrees we ordered the Moroccan chicken and our customary tomato bruschetta. I had never had the chicken before and it was definitely a pleasant surprise, a very tender and juicy dish, with a lovely complementary salad on the side and a small portion of spiced yogurt sauce. The bruschetta was however a little bit too much on the crusty side and the tomato was slightly dry and lacked flavor; however it was still a decent starter and is usually of a higher standard.  

After walking in and seeing the wood fired pizza made fresh right behind the counter we were very keen for a pizza. So for the mains we ordered the Chef special pizza of the day which was an interesting mix of smoked salmon, prawns, bacon, sour cream and wait for it… avocado? Now I thought this was quite a strange combination, but I’m always up to trying something different and I was not let down, with the different flavors definitely stimulating my taste buds, it turned out to be a bit of a party in my mouth :p. Also for the mains we shared a chili prawn and snow pea linguine, and a chicken and pumpkin risotto. The linguine was quite nice, cooked to al dente, however the chili flavor was slightly too mild for my liking and the dish was kind of drenched in olive oil. The chicken and pumpkin risotto was a pleasant dish, however it was too bland to be anything more than pleasant, something you would eat on the couch while watching greys anatomy. Other traditional pasta such as Spaghetti Bolognese and Fettuccine Carbonara were also available. Prices for mains were also quite reasonable ranging from about $20-$30 for a good portion size of pizza or pasta. 

Ok so my sister and I are major dessert fans and especially saved that last bit of space in our stomachs for a sweet treat at the end. I swear my sister must have tasted the chocolate cake in every restaurant we have ever been to so it was the Mississippi mud cake for her and I always love my gelato so I just had a scope of hazelnut gelato. The deserts aren’t particularly special at Olivos but they are defiantly satisfying treat , the mud cake was surprisingly light and fluffy and I think my sister was hoping for something more rich, however she did completely devour it. As for the gelato, the hazelnut flavor was to my liking and it was rich and smooth so I was very satisfied.


All in all I felt we made the best of a rainy night, and I would definitely recommend Olivos for anyone with a love for Italian food, especially woodfired pizza.
For more information on location and opening hours check out their website http://www.olivorestaurant.com.au

Buon Appetito!!
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